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Mooggee heading up the Mountain for Inland Sea of Sound 2017

There is no place quite like Mount Panorama. A mecca for motor racing fans and drivers alike since opening in 1938. Well before it became a gathering place for motor racing enthusiasts, the Mount was an important part of the local Wiradjuri tribe’s culture. The Mount was called ‘Wahluu’, which means ‘to watch over’ and it was from the vantage points now known as Skyline along with Reid & Sulman Parks that the young Wiradjuri men would watch over their land and the movements of travellers to and from the valley.

At almost 3,000 feet above sea level, Mount Panorama – Wahluu becomes a sea of a different kind of sound in 2017 as it plays host to the Inland Sea of Sound Festival…

Here’s your chance to live it up in peace & quiet and pitch your own tent (or have it pitched for you) on one of Australia’s most loved mountaintops.